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And then the world threw the blah card. [Oct. 21st, 2006|06:58 pm]
What a stupid fuck of a situation. I met this friend of a new girlfriend of mine, who seemed to like me. He acted that way, girlfriend said so. Then he invites me over and is sweet. And then what happens. Not a shitty little thing. I ask him out, he's busy. He asks me out, but I'm occupied elsewhere. And so now I think we're both feeling rejected and it's all just blah. Luckily school is nice and I went shopping for clothes and had to choose small sizes. Otherwise, this guy should feel honored that he has managed to make me fret over him. Because I try my hardest not to.

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[User Picture]From: talics
2006-10-22 09:54 am (UTC)
Thank you CE. :) That sounds like a good suggestion, especially considering the fact that he has a tendency to ask so far into the evening that (because I do have a life) I have by then gone somewhere else. The only obstacle to the broader-invitation-plan is this stubborn feeling that I have, of not wanting to be the one to ask again - mostly because there is this nagging little thing who keeps asking me 'but what if he didn't like you after all'. Now, if he sits over there with the same feeling exactly, then - well, I don't even know how to label it.

The problem with asking the girlfriend is the fact that she's suddenly gone all silent on the theme. I'm a little bit afraid that she either feels like I'm trying to steal him away from her, or that she knows something I don't.

And he is so sweet! Lights candles and have poetry books but still manages to make me feel all protected and small and female.

Stupid men!!
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[User Picture]From: talics
2006-10-22 12:47 pm (UTC)
Ok. Now I've done it. I went ahead, dived in and asked him if he would like to meet me again. Not so sure about the response I got. This feels like putting my insides on a butcher's table. Strangely it feels better than just hanging around waiting. I fear I may be as subtle as a small and cute red little alarm clock set for 6.00 am in this matter. But who cares. If he needs a careful, patient and submissive waiting-for-him doll, then he'll have to look somehwere else. *eg*
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